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Best Way to Earn Online Without Investment

Posted by Univesal Prince
Today Hackers Dude will tell you an easy and best way to earn money online without any investment. we have already posted many ways to earn money online thats all were also good and genuine but the way today i am going to tell you is best and easy among them. In this, you don't need to invest any money or even you can you don't need any blog or page. This method is known as PTC which  means paid to click that means just you have to see their ads for 3-30 sec and they will pay you for that  There are many PTC sites available on net but the site today i will tell you is world's No.1  PTC site called Clicksense...
To Register click Here and read below to know how to earn more from clicksense.
After entering into PTC sites a feeling like we cant earn more money here may come in you mind but it’s a big mistake by just  viewing ads you can’t earn but you can do tasks .Everyone feel difficulties in doing tasks.But never  give up.
In PTC networks you don't need any technical skills you can earn lots more in clicksense without having them.


It Is a world's no.1 and best PTC site to Earn Money.  It is an ideal site for a person who want to earn some money online and is new or beginner in this field. Clicksense Has 4 Ways To earn Money  .  That are
  • Viewing adds
  • Tasks
  • Offers
  • Playing Games
For beginners it may not be possible to make $500/month but if you start working in Clixsense you will automatically understand how to earn more money.Many people are earning more than $1000 in Clixsense  per month.
SO here are the best ways to maximise earning in clicksense.
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First Method To Earn Money In Clicksense

The first method for earning in clicksense is by viewing adds you can earn money by  viewing  ads for 5-30 seconds.You can’t earn more than more than $20 per/month by just viewing ads. Now you are feeling why this is best PTC site for Earning Online. There are 3 More major parts for earning in clicksense. 

2nd Method to Earn Money in ClickSense

When you logging into your clicksense account there will a tab named as task, This is the main source for earning much more in clicksense. These tasks may feel you difficult but these are so easy so never give up because money will never comes easily. These tasks are so easy but you have to do them with accuracy ,when you do it first time you may not get high accuracy of 70-100% but if you do it regular. you can do hundreds of tasks with high accuracy.There will be a bonus for top 10 workers in every week.Topper of the week will be rewarded $50 and rest of others will be distributed with $50 depends on their place.This is a big bonus for top workers.
We also started doing online jobs from here.You have to do more tasks to get more money.Most of the times tasks may not be available so you have to check the tasks section regularly.I have given some steps to do tasks at the Paid to click page.If you want to know the best techniques to do tasks successfully subscribe to Hackers Dude.I will publish some new article about crowdflower tasks soon.This is one way to get money in Clixsense.Here comes the next and very easy part.

3rd Method to earn in Clicksense

There will be a offer tab named Offers which you can see after login in your clicksense account .If you click on that you will see 5 categories.In this page some tasks will be there but not like previous tasks these different like installing their software’s or mobile apps,viewing YouTube videos,registering in some websites,doing surveys etc.In this tab some times surveys will be available to you.You will be rewarded with very high amount to do surveys in less time say $1 for 15 minutes.Surveys will not be available most of the times.If surveys are available you can do 5 surveys per a day.Still one more way is there to earn money in Clixsense.Many people are not visiting offers tab at this is the easy way to make extra money so don’t miss it.

4th Way to Earn Money In clicksense

Next way to become rich in Clixsense is Click Grid. n this game a square will be there consisting of ~600 small boxes.You can click any one of them.This is a lucky draw.Every time you click on a box a ad will open in new tab after 10 sec that ad will show you whether you are the winner or not.You will be having 30 chances per day.Lucky winner will get $10

So these are the best ways by whisch you can maximise your Earning in Clicksense.

If you feel any difficulty or problem in ClickSense you can contact me or comment below i am always here to reply.

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