Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hack Facebook by Using 3 Friend Attack

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Hack Facebook by Using 3 Friend Attack

Hack Facebook by Using 3 Friend Attack :-

Note - The 3 fake account must be 7 day older, otherwise this Facebook Hack will not work So lets start
on our tutorial on Hack Facebook Account.

1. Go to Facebook.com and click on Forgot Password.

2. Now give the victim's Facebook account email or if give the FB username or Profile name and click on
search. And then you will get the victims profile account. Just click on "This is my Account".

3. Then click on "No longer have access to this".

4. Now you will be asked to enter new email address, just enter your own new email address.

5. Now Facebook will ask you to give security question's answer. Not to worry, just enter wrong answer
thrice and you will be taken to the new page.

6. Here is the main part of Hacking Of Facebook Account. Click on Continue and FB will ask you to select
3 Trusted Friends. Their will be a full friend's list of the victim which also includes your previously
created "Three Fake Facebook Account" . Just select that three accounts and then Facebook will send
security codes to our fake accounts. Now collect those security codes and enter it. Then Facebook will
send "Password Recovery Email" at the email address we entered in 4th step. Thus you can easily reset
the password of victim's account.
No we have successfully done with Hack Facebook Accounts
Note : We have received the problems like they don't get the new page in

step 5. So this depends on the victim's activity on Facebook account.
So friends, I hope you enjoyed this article on Hack Facebook Accounts

Note. This is for educational purpose only and may not work due to country restrictions or Bugs reporters..


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